Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'M BACK......Part 2

So here is the rest of my blog post from Monday.  I am finishing up the tour of my new craft space.  (See Part 1)

This is my ribbon storage. I love it! Hubs made it for me out of scrap lumber.  I bought dowel rods to put ribbon on.

I'm trying out this glitter storage method. It's acrylic picture frames with Velcro strips on them. Each bottle has a small square piece of Velcro on them allowing them to stick.  They kept wanting to fall forward so I put Velcro on bottom of frame and table.

You can put any color/pattern paper in the frame.
I saw this on a blog a while back and don't remember whose but will try to find out and give credit.

I made this in a challenge with +LaDenna Lawrence 
some time ago.  I used old cake pans and veggie cans.  Going up with my storage gives me more space on my desk to work.

I store my inks, adhesives,  markers etc... in the white plastic drawer units. 

 My paper scraps are stored in a filing cabinet in my desk. By having them that close I remember to use them.

I'm not sure about this either. I have my punches and some miscellaneous stored in this shoe bag.  We'll see how it works for me.  What do you think??

This is my closet. And it's more craft 'stuff' than clothes! lol  Stored here are projects I'm working on, idea books, printing paper, cards, envelopes and such. I have since labeled everything.

That's the tour of my new craft space which I call " Pam's Happy Place".  All in all, it seems to be very functional which is what I was aiming for.

Here are a few projects I managed to finish.
Tea cup glass magnets.  They will be listed in my shops soon.

Card for a friend

Tags for a swap.

Birthday card for a friend

Mittens for a swap

Thank you for finishing the tour!  If you have any tips for me, please leave a comment! !