Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekly Challenge

Every week a friend and I come up with a challenge for us to complete within that week. We have been doing this for a year or so.  We take turns presenting the challenges. We try to use recyclable items.  This year we are focusing on gifts for our family to give for birthdays,  Christmas,  etc.  We also do card challenges every month for the upcoming holiday.
These challenges keep me inspired and on my toes!  I am always trying to learn new techniques and new things.
It's always fun to see what the other comes up with. Everyone has different ideas and different techniques for doing things. That's what makes the art our own.

Last weeks challenge was to use food boxes. I don't throw away anything I think I may use down the crafting road- so I had plenty of boxes! My family has accused me of being a hoarder. I say so be it-as long as I have the items I need for the next challenge!! Lol

I covered each of the boxes with paper, added wooden "knobs" and labeled them.  I'm using this for my greeting card storage.

       I've been needing one of these for a long time.

 My friend, LaDenna, the Crafty Diva, presented the current challenge.  We have to use a box comparable to the one in the pic below and make a mini album to go with it.  It's on!  lol 

I will be back with the results next week!

Monday, February 25, 2013

   Good afternoon!  Cold and wet here in Oklahoma.  Dinner is cooking, the coffee pot is full and I'm still waiting for the "blizzard" they say is coming.  We shall see!
   I am considering this my first "real" blog post!  I'm learning to add pics and all!  lol  After looking at many, many blogs, I am more intimidated than ever!  lol I want mine to look like some of them NOW-not after I have to take time learning everything!
   My daughter and I hosted my granddaughter's baby shower this past weekend.  It turned out really great and she got a lot of awesome things. I tried to make most of the decor and whatnot-just to personalize it for her. She was really happy with everything. : )
This is my beautiful granddaughter, Mallory. Baby Emma is due April 12th. I bought a large black and white bow and added the pink flower and ribbons.

I made her invitations.  She chose black and white damask and hot pink for the nursery so we went with that for the shower.

 I made the candy kiss stickers and wrapped Hershey miniatures for treats.

 These are print outs of her latest ultrasounds. I put one on the refreshment table and one on the gift table.

I made the trinket box with the chosen baby name on it from a recycled candy box.
These are cards I made her for her gifts.               
My daughter did the balloon bouquet. It turned out great!
I found the cupcake holder in the damask and Kari made the cupcakes.The forks are in a recycled can covered with damask wrapping paper.
   The following pics are miscellaneous ones from the shower. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we got a lot of compliments on the decor!

 This was the first time I had done anything like this and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
And thank you to Kari for helping me!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Good Sunday morning!

For those of you coming from MY TURN (for us) , I have just started my blog-a first for me!  And I need all the help I can get! lol Thank you for taking the time to come by-I hope you will join!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I have been thinking all day about this blogging thing.  lol
I'm not great with words and have a hard time conveying what I want to say.  But I'm going to give it my best shot.
I want to share my crafts along with projects I do in swaps, challenges, etc....

I will begin with listing my social networks.  I think I have my iron in too many fires, so I will just list the main ones.





My shops: 

I have SO much to learn about all of this!  It's a little overwhelming.  lol

I am looking forward to Friday!  How about you?

HELP! lol

Well, this is a first for me!  Don't have a clue as to what I am doing, but will figure it out in time!
If anyone has any tips and/or suggestions, PLEASE help me along.  : )