Monday, April 29, 2013


Good Monday morning!  Non eventful weekend here but did get a few projects completed and will post later today in my shops:  Craft Cafe & Etsy.

Today I'm going to post a couple of my past projects. I do a lot of different crafts or at least try them!  I have had some epic fails-those are the projects I scrap and don't attempt again!  lol

This first project is a  mini album made from toilet tissue rolls.  It was my first one and I love the way it turned out!  It features my four children's baby pics, grown up pics and a pic of them and me.  

All of the cut outs are from the original baby cards MY Mother received when I was born.  This album is mine-it's not going anywhere-so I did use the originals.
 To see more pics click HERE.

Another one I am extremely proud of is dedicated to my youngest son, Sgt Adam Gracy.  Adam joined the Army when he was 17 and the shortly after he turned 18, he got his papers to go to Iraq.  To this date he has been deployed to Iraq twice and the UAE once.   He was stationed in Alaska for a year and is currently stationed in South Korea for 2 years.  Needless to say, I am very proud of him.

This is the front of the album.

To see more pics please click HERE.

I have another son that served in Iraq.  He was discharged after his deployment and is on full disability.  I am also very proud of his service!

Thank you for taking the time to visit me!  I will be posting the results of my challenge with +LaDenna Lawrence  Thursday morning.  Hope to see you back! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This week's challenge with +LaDenna Lawrence  was to use a wooden box and Mini Books Cricut cart to make an album to go in it.  I am pleased with the way mine turned out.  I made it to keep Baby Emma's pic of her first year in.  I did my great grandson an album for the same.

 I decoupaged the outside with scrapbooking paper and blinged it up.

 I made an accordion album from the cartridge.  I love that cart!  No more tedious measuring! lol

I really like this paper line from Mary & Co.  Very girly!

Next week's challenge is to use a wire wreath and flip flops.  This will be fun!  I've seen several that I like. The only hard part will be to decide how I want to do it!  

I also made this framed saying this week.  I re-purposed a 5x7" frame and decorated it with handmade flowers, bling and a charm.  I thought it turned out rather cute. 
  To see it in my shop click here:

Hoping you all have a great week!  

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Good morning!  If you are here via SOCIAL SUNDAY, welcome!  Please have a look around, comment and join me if you would like!

Enjoy your coffee and have a wonderful Sunday!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Happy Wednesday to all!

This week's challenge reveal is projects +LaDenna Lawrence  and I worked on when I visited her last weekend.

We had a great time as usual -  shopping, eating, crafting, talking and laughing! 
There's never enough time to do everything we want to do.  But I will be going back the middle of next month for another great visit!

  This is a cork board made from a silver tray from Dollar Tree. I painted it a shimmery copper and covered the cork with fabric.  I used gems for the push pins but am going to replace them with real coffee beans.

LaDenna made these years ago. I had never seen one and fell in love with it and had to make this one!  It's made from 2 toddler socks sewn together. The hanger is a craft stick with wire.  These would make great additions to baby shower gifts!

This is a 1/4" piece of wood covered with paper.  I still need to attach a ribbon for hanging.  This is for my new great granddaughter, Emma. Her room is done in the black and white damask and hot pink.

And here is where I will sneak in a new pic of her!  lol

We also worked on an explosion box.  I have made these before.  We both got the new Cricut Cart- Mini Books.  Love it!  It eliminates all the tedious measuring. 
 I will be using this cart a lot!   In fact, it is our new challenge for the week:

We have to use a wooden box and use the cart to make a mini album to go in it.
This will be fun!

I always have such a good time in Amarillo! Can't wait to go back!

Mother's Day is coming soon.  Please visit my shops for some great ideas: 

Thank you!

Everyone have a lovely day/night!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


This past weeks challenge with +LaDenna Lawrence was to make 5 greeting cards-Mother's Day/all occasion.  We do card challenges the first week of the month to cover the next month's holidays/birthdays.  This has helped me tremendously with getting nice handmade cards out on time. I'm hoping at some point to start building stock so I can start selling them.  

I love card making!  Until now, I've never ventured outside my comfort zone of plain folded cards. For the challenge, I learned to make easel cards.  I AM HOOKED!  They are such fun to make. I have seen different styles but decided to get this one down before attempting the others.

I did these "Bee Happy" ones first and learned what to do and what not to do. First and foremost,  measure correctly when scoring!  : )  Also, mat your pictures,  etc....  They look so much nicer as you can see between these and the ones posted below.

The easel cards fold flat and fit in a regular envelope.

These are a couple of miscellaneous cards I made out of scraps.

No challenge this week!  I am going to Amarillo to visit LaDenna!  Can't wait-I miss crafting with her since she moved several years ago.  

HAVE to sneak a pic of my new great granddaughter in here!  :  )
 Emma Joy

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good Sunday Morning!

Good morning!

If you are here via Social Sunday-Welcome!!   I'm still learning the whole blogging thing but have a look around and please join if you would like too!

I became a great grandma Friday for the second time!

 Meet Emma Joy, 7 lbs & 8 ozs, 20 1/2 in.

This is Mom & Dad.  Emma has pneumonia and had to watched the first several hours.  Here Mom is seeing her for the second time and finally getting to hold her!  As of Saturday night, Emma was breathing normal and doing great!  Talk of going home this evening or early Monday morning!

Emma joins my 6 grandkids and 1 great one-they all are what keeps me going sometimes!   <3 <3

Have a great Sunday!
I love comments, tips and suggestions!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This week's challenge with +LaDenna Lawrence seemed a really simple one. WoW! I went and made it so hard that I had not ONE epic fail-I had FOUR!!! lol

The challenge was to use a glass container, glue and jello. I already had the idea in my head; I just didn't know how it was done. Before I started on my project, LaDenna informed me not to use Jello because it didn't dissolve. She was using food coloring. Okay! I can do this I thought! But I didn't have food coloring! lol So! Do your own thing Pam! I decided to use Mod Podge and regular acrylic paint. It was gorgeous-until it dried.

The purple one is not dry yet. (Please ignore my messy desk!)

Today, after work, I went to not one but THREE stores-no food coloring to be found. Grrrrr. I came home and tried the glue and alcohol ink. UGH! I give up! You win this one LaDenna! lolol

I painted the one on the right inside. It's drying but really has no color. (supposed to be blue-green) The other one I painted the outside. Again, no color and I TOUCHED it and left finger prints!    ^$*(#&#^&%&*(&*^$()@

The first one I did, I added white acrylic paint to the glue and put it over the other color. It's drying, so we shall see how it comes out. But I am not hopeful!

There are very few things that I just cannot do or figure out and this is one of them! Tried, didn't like it, WON'T DO IT AGAIN! hahahaha

Anyone else ever have an epic fail-that you would like to confess to?!  Please do-I feel so alone!  hehe