Thursday, September 26, 2013


It's been over a week since my last post.  I was on a mini vacation at +LaDenna Lawrence 's in Amarillo.  We had a great time as usual-eating, crafting, shopping and laughing.
I've also been working on updating my "Where I Party" page.  I haven't figured out the html stuff yet and don't know how to make all my buttons uniform so I ended up doing links. It will have to do until I learn a little more!

While at LaDenna's we did several side-by-side challenges. It's always interesting to see what each of us do using the same materials.  
We got new Cricut cartridges and made cards.  Neither of us had ever made window cards; but they came out so pretty!!  We used Creative Cards and Wild Cards 2. 

 I love the way these bird cage window cards turned out! 

Inside of cards

My favorite of the above window cards is Santa peeking through the window!  (oops-got it in there twice!)


This is an altered Altoid tin.  Again, I used my new cartridge.

 We went "shopping" in LaDenna's garage and found some old frames.  I made the birdcage (I love them lately!) from the new cart.  I can already see this cartridge is going to be used a LOT!
The 'shelf' is painted and glittered cardboard.

 And I think this is my favorite piece of all!  As most of you know-I LOVE coffee!  This will be perfect in my kitchen once I get it painted!  Love it!!!

Here are a few of LaDenna's items so that you can see our different perceptions of each project.

This is her Altoid tin.  I love the lady!

One of her re-cycled frames.  This turned out super cute!!

And the other re-cycled frame.  We both did coffee projects; but they are so totally different!

Next week's challenge was chosen by LaDenna:

This should be INTERESTING!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by and letting me share our crafts with you!  

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Here it is Friday again. I have to say this week went by fast!  I got quite a bit of crafting done; but have been really tired. A trip to the doc revealed I needed to change thyroid meds.  Should be feeling better soon!

On to my faves for this week!

1. Lilly and I went shopping at Michael's.  Her fave color is purple!

2.  I'm really loving some of the projects I've been working on!
 This is a One Sheet Wonder gift card set. What is OSW?  I have it pinned to my Card Inspiration Board-HERE. Click on the pic and it will take to to the instructions for making your own!

ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) made for a swap in a group I am in. For those who may not know what an ATC is:  Find out HERE! 

I took this food box, altered it and came up with this:

 These were made for a swap in another group I am in!

3.  With Halloween not being too far off, I've been finding some really cool crafts. Check out my Pinterest board BOO! to see all the fabulous projects.

4.  I have two fave pins this week. I love the pink!!

5.  My fave pic for the week:
This is my grandson Jayden.  
And for the coffee lovers!

I wish everyone a great weekend and thank you for coming by!


Shameless plug:
The greeting card set can be purchased here:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I love this time of year!  The sweltering heat is pretty much over and the blustery winter wind has not arrived.  I love the colors of fall and the spicy smells.  I know a lot of people are already concentrating on Christmas (and I am one of them! lol) but I do love fall crafts and thought I'd share a few of mine.

This is a fall wreath I made from paper.  I rolled cones and glued them to a cardboard base.

Simple set of greeting cards I made to send out to family and friends.

I don't love Halloween but because I have grandkids, I do decorate a little.

I made these magnets one year to sell and give out to my grandones for Halloween.

This is a card and treat sack.  I entered the set into a contest and won!

 BOOP! ATCs I made for a swap.

 This little guy was made using the same cone technique as the wreath above.  I think he's just the cutest!

 I made this sign from re-cycled wood and Cricut cuts.  The centerpiece is a foam pumpkin. I cut a hole in the top and inserted a fall arrangement-Done!

  Happy Thanksgiving!  I love the way this turned out.  I embossed kraft paper and cut the pumpkin on my Cricut.  It looks a little like cloth.

 These cards were made using the "one sheet wonder" technique. I used a 12x12" paper. 

Fall/Halloween wreath made from what I call "lollies".  The are made from strips of paper that are fan folded and joined at the edges.  

These paper pumpkins are a breeze to make and are so cute! The little crow was purchased at Hobby Lobby.

 This was a recent challenge with my friend, +LaDenna Lawrence .  We had to make Halloween decor with our Cricuts. 

I LOVE this witch's shoe!  So much fun!

I hope you enjoyed the fall crafts and maybe they gave you a few ideas!

Thank you for visiting!  And I love comments-as we all do!  : )

Monday, September 2, 2013

LOOKING BACK..... Challenge Projects.

Good Monday Morning and Happy Labor Day!

Today I am looking back at challenges that I've had with my dear friend, +LaDenna Lawrence .  Each week we take turns picking a material or object(s) and challenging each other to see what we come up with.  This helps keep both of us motivated and we learn new techniques, etc...
We also try to use things we can re-cycle and complete without spending any money. In other words, we use our stash and trash!
We have come up with some pretty incredible things and-speaking for myself-some pretty epic fails! 

The following is wall art challenges.
 We used a couple of old frames LaDenna found in her garage.  I used scrapbooking paper and cut the images from card stock.  The center is a mini cork board.  I thought this would make a cute gift.

 The challenge was to use a 16x20" canvas and Cricut cuts.  My "TIME" art represents the cycle of life.

 I really love how this canvas turned out.  We did these as a side by side challenge when I visited her one time.  The background is paper and the chandelier is cut from card stock.

 Laundry room decor made from scrap 1x4" lumber and Cricut cuts.

LaDenna sent some Styrofoam pieces home with me and later presented them for a challenge.  I knew she would!  lol  I used scrap paper and a wooden cross I had in my stash.  

A few holiday challenges.  The snowman used an old frame and Cricut cuts.  The Christmas tree is made from an old book and old jewelry a friend had given me after her Mom passed away. (I ended up giving it to that friend last Christmas)  Thanksgiving sign is a scrap 1x4" board and handmade flowers.

This birdcage is one of my favorite challenges.  It was a side by side challenge while I was visiting.

 This is LaDenna's take.  She used a birdcage that she had stored for many years.  Surprising the new life you can give things with paper!

This was last week's challenge.  We were to make Cricut cuts for a 'Diva' Christmas tree for our studios.  My studio (craft room) is done in turquoise/aqua/whatever.  lol  I'm slowly adding in some pink.  I'm going to do a mini silver tree with ornaments like these.

This decorative letter (P for Pam) was a pain to make and I almost gave up.  It's made from cardboard, Dixie cups (yes), scrap paper, handmade flowers, and bling.  I LOVE it now but will not attempt another one!  I will BUY the letter and decorate it!  lol

A few odds and ends.....
Pill bottles
 Whitman's Sampler box made into a keepsake box for my great granddughter.
Tin can challenge. I added old pie pans and now love the storage it provides on my desk!

This is my friend LaDenna.  I go to Amarillo monthly to visit and craft with her.  Fun times!

Thank you so much for stopping by and hopefully, following and commenting!  I appreciate your time!