Friday, May 31, 2013


Good morning!  It's Friday and time for my favorite 5 things of this week.  I hope everyone had a great week and will have a wonderful weekend!
With that being said, I will get started!

1.  Cookout on Memorial Day.  Had a good day with kids and grandkids. We had burgers, chips, summer salads, cheesecake and brownies!  Yummo!

My granddaughter Mallory, Andrew and Baby Emma

 Granddaughter Brittney and great grandson Carson
 Daughter Kari and Emma
 Carson and Emma
 Waldorf Salad (I love this)
 Kari made this watermelon, feta, mint salad. (Very good!)
And here's my messy cheesecake.  I added a layer of chocolate between crust and filling.  (It wasn't great)

2.  I received a goodie box from a girl in one of the groups I am in. She was de-stashing and all I had to do was pay postage-$12!   OMGoodness!  I could not believe what all I got!  I never expected so much!  
 Tons of stickers, word art, ribbon, flowers and PAPER!  I love all the gorgeous paper!

3.  Another good thing this week was that the bad weather avoided us. There were threats of tornadoes for three days-and we did NOT need anymore destruction.
  AND the benefit concert that Blake Shelton hosted was awesome! It was held in OKC and sold out in less that an hour! The proceeds went to help Oklahoma tornado victims.  We have a lot of great music artists from Oklahoma-Reba McEntire, Vince Gill, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Garth Brooks, Toby Keith and many more.

4.  My favorite pic of the week:
My great grandson Carson.
It is SO hard to get him to smile while looking at a camera.  This is a little forced but oh so cute!  lol

5. My favorite pin of the week (among SO many!):
I love rag quilts.  I have made a few of them.  This one is next on my list!
See pin on Pinterest.

That wraps up my 5 faves for the week. But here is my weekly coffee pic!  I love coffee! lol

Thank you all for stopping by!

Please continue to pray for Oklahoma tornado victims.  Ways to help: 
You can donate $10 to the Red Cross by texting “Red Cross” to 90999.  Remember every cent counts!

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Good morning!  Hoping everyone had a good Memorial Day!

Last weeks challenge with +LaDenna Lawrence  was anything goes with a Pringles can.  While this is not what I really planned to do, it's what I ended up doing!  lol  I think I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would make a great gift for teachers.  The 'eraser' opens and you can put goodies in it.

 I thought it turned out cute!

This is LaDenna's take on it.  She made a gift holder for a graduate!  Very good idea!

This week's challenge consists of styrofoam blocks and scrapbook paper.  She sent several of these home with me last time I visited her.  I should've known!  lol

I haven't done a whole lot of crafting the past week.  I've been working on ideas for my blog and FB fan page.
Click  HERE
I'm also still working on my Liebster Award post and hope to get it completed and posted this week!

Thank you for dropping by and I hope I will see you back for  FRIDAY'S FAVE FIVEThis is a new feature I am doing on Friday's.  Each week it will include my favorite pin and pic for the week.  Also, whatever else I loved that week-be it a person, craft, or whatever.  
Please continue to pray for Oklahoma tornado victims.  Ways to help: 

You can donate $10 to the Red Cross by texting “Red Cross” to 90999.  Remember every cent counts!

Monday, May 27, 2013


While I had a lot going on this past weekend,  I did get a chance to do some crafting.

I participate in a couple of Facebook groups that do regular swaps. This month one swap included one layer spring/Easter cards.   I got to use my trusty little Cricut and Sizzix Texture Boutique.  I LOVE both of these tools when it comes to working with paper!

 This is my Texture Boutique.  Isn't it cute? And it coordinates with my craft space! Lol
I used a basket weave embossing folder to make my Easter baskets.

Here is my Cricut. I couldn't do without this baby! Lol  I cut all the eggs in just a few minutes.
And here is the end result-cute Easter cards ready to mail out to be swapped.  My inspiration came from Paper Crafts magazine-one of my favorite reads.
I can't wait to see all the cards I get back from the swap! There are so many talented ladies in these groups!

Another project I completed was these toilet paper mini album pages. After they are swapped we will bind them all in whatever way we choose.  Our theme was "A little bit of me".  I love vintage-so that's what I ran with!

Thank you for stopping in to see my latest work.

 Tomorrow evening is my challenge reveal with LaDenna, the Crafty Diva. It will take place at 8 p.m. CST at and/or  Our challenge this week was to use a small box and make a mini album to go with it.

Meet us at 8 for the big reveal!!

"See" you then!!


 Today is Memorial Day. A time to remember all that have lost their lives protecting our freedom.  I saw it written somewhere that "Memorial Day should be every day".  I have to agree.
Looking back at my crafting, I see that I have come a long way.  I've learned a lot from trial and error, and error and error!  lol
Decorated letters are very popular today.  I made some several years ago as Christmas gifts for my grandkids and later, starting selling them.  Here are just a few that I've done.

 I always enjoy making these.  There is no limit to what you can do with them.
Along the same lines are these name plaques I made/make.  These are fun to do too!

After looking back through all my projects the last couple of weeks, I am amazed at just what all I have done. A lot of variety of things, some epic fails and some really great things.  Crafting is my passion and helps me stay sane in an otherwise crazy world! 

Thank you for stopping by.  I always welcome comments/suggestions/tips.  : ) 

 Please continue to pray for Oklahoma tornado victims.  Ways to help:
You can donate $10 to the Red Cross by texting “Red Cross” to 90999.  Remember every cent counts! 

Saturday, May 25, 2013


 If you  are here from a Linky party or blog hop, WELCOME!  I appreciate your visit and following!

 I'm not really fond of weekends most of the time.  All the tired from the past week seems to catch up with me and I don't feel like doing a thing.  I have tons to do and no "umph" to do it!  My poor craft room is a disaster.  I usually pride myself in having a clean organized work space.  But as of late, things are piling up and getting ahead of me.  Thinking I may start in on it here in a bit-or not.  lol

This is Memorial Day Weekend.  Please remember all those who have given their lives to protect our freedom.

I went to my daughter's RUB A DUB RESCUE run this morning.  This run benefits animal rescue.  I have a chiweenie that is a rescue.

 My daughter (left) and her friend Candace.

Sunday, I am having a cookout.  Some of my kids, grands and greats will be here.  I will be posting pics the first of the week!

Again, thank you for stopping by!

 Please continue to pray for Oklahoma tornado victims.  Ways to help: 
You can donate $10 to the Red Cross by texting “Red Cross” to 90999.  Remember every cent counts!


Friday, May 24, 2013


Welcome to my first weekly posting of my 5 favorite things for the week.  I am going to try to do this every Friday.  These posts will be made up of pics, people or whatever I like/love for that week.
So, let's get started! 

1.  Trip to Amarillo to see my very dear friend, +LaDenna Lawrence . I try to go once a month. We do a lot of visiting, crafting, shopping and laughing.  

2.  First responders involved in the Oklahoma tornadoes. I believe they are some of the best. Also, the people of Oklahoma and all around who are helping these people recover from the devastation. They have my deepest admiration,  respect and thanks.

3.  My job.  I am a private caregiver for a 90 year old lady. I have been with her for about four years.  Her family is wonderful to work for and I have some great co-workers.

4.  I LOVE Pinterest! And yes, I'm probably addicted and need a 12-step program. Lol My fave pin:
I love this because that is what I call my craft room. It is definitely MY happy place! Pinterest link

5.  I am a picture taking fool!  My kids are always telling me, "Mom, step AWAY from the camera".  And I always tell them that someday the will appreciate the 200, 000 family pics some day. (Well, maybe not quite that many!) Fave pic:
I LOVE this!  This is Emma-my great granddaughter.

Wow it's hard not to add ONE more!  But this would be on my list EVERY Friday!   I LOVE COFFEE!! I drink it 24/7.  It won't be included in my list every week, but I will post a coffee joke/pic every week. : )
Pinterest link

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me through my faves. It's hard to keep it at five, but at least I know I will have Friday posts for a good long while! lol

Thanks for visiting and I invite you to follow me if you wish. Please leave me a comment with a fave of yours this week!  Please share my blog with your friends! Thank you!!
Please continue to pray for Oklahoma tornado victims.  Ways to help: 

You can donate $10 to the Red Cross by texting “Red Cross” to 90999.  Remember every cent counts!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Here I am again with this week's challenge reveal.  Each week +LaDenna Lawrence  and I take turns challenging each other with a project. She chose a juice box last week.
 At first, I was totally clueless. LaDenna was kind enough to give me a hint-"ribbon". That thought did run through my mind during my research but I didnt expound on it.
I have a wall-mount ribbon holder that my husband made me; but I do have more ribbon than I can get on it.  The word " destash" ran through my mind! Lol  But I let it keep running as I make a new ribbon holder!!  : )  

The papers coordinate with my room and I decided to use coordinating ribbons.  I think these would be a pretty display to make several with the coordinating ribbons.  I had to use pencils to put the ribbon on. I really did not want to go store to get dowels.  And the main deal of our challenges is to use what we have if at all possible-as in-don't spend money unless you just have too!
I went to visit her over the weekend and we did some crafting together.  We always have such a great time!
I made another ribbon holder like hers while I was there. Although I could've decorated it a little better, it serves it's purpose.
Here is LaDenna's take on it.  I love her colors and she makes everything sparkle!

Next, we made sun catchers out of acrylic beads.
 This is my little helper-my granddaughter, Lilly.

Single layer acrylic beads in whatever pan you choose. Bake in preheated 350 degree oven for approximately 30 minutes. You need to keep checking them during this time.  If not melted keep baking and checking.  You MUST do this in a well ventilated area as these beads put off very toxic fumes!!   I am going to get a toaster oven and do it outside. 

I put a metal charm in first and covered it with beads.
I just love the way they turned out! I plan on making more!
My challenge for LaDenna this week is to use a Pringles can-anything goes!!


Please continue to keep Moore OK in your thoughts and prayers.
This devastation goes on for 17 miles.
Here are a couple of ways to donate money to help the many many people that lost EVERYTHING:

You can donate $10 to the Red Cross by texting “Red Cross” to 90999.  Remember every cent counts!
For website click here:

Shawnee, OK was also hard hit.  My grandchildren live there but were not affected.  But there are many people that need assistance.

 Thank you for stopping by! See you Friday for my new "FRIDAY'S FIVE FAVES" post. Each Friday I will be posting my 5 favorite things of that week. These will include pics, posts, RAKs, people etc.... You get the idea! : )
Have a great Thursday!