Monday, July 29, 2013



I just completed this mini album today!  I posted the Baby Girl one here:  BABY GIRL MINI

I just love making these framed albums.  I think they are really nice sitting on a table or mantle to display the photos instead of being in a book or drawer (like most of mine!  lol)

This is what it looks like sitting on my desk.  This is a 4x6" re-purposed frame.  

I embellished the frame with Cricut cuts and buttons.

 There are several pages for photos and journaling.

 Here you can record the baby's birth statistics.

Some of the pages have a dual purpose.  You can journal on the tag and put a photo underneath. 

 This page is a decorative page.

 Another dual purpose page.

This is the last page-space for a photo plus a journaling tag.

I absolutely love how both of the baby albums turned out!
I wish I had known these things when my children were babies!
I will be making a few of these to keep on hand for shower, birthday and Christmas gifts!

Thank you for stopping by!

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Saturday, July 27, 2013



 I made this cute mini album a few weeks ago.  It would be perfect to set out to display the new baby's photos.  I am currently working on a baby boy one which I will post when its completed.

This is the front of the mini album.  It's a 4x6" area for the album itself.

I embellished it with lots of flowers and bling.  What girl doesn't like bling?!

 The are a lot of places for photos and journaling.

 This is a photo mat that comes out leaving a space for yet another photo/journal.

 The journal tag comes out leaving another space for a photo.

This is the last page.  A photo slips behind the little tag to hold it in.

I really like the way this turned out.  I think it's nice to be able to set your photos out to be viewed instead of being in a book or drawer (like a lot of mine!  lol)

Thanks for coming by to see my newest creation!


Shameless plug!
This album is for sale in my Etsy.
I will be listing a Baby Boy one soon!



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Friday, July 26, 2013

HERE IT IS......


I visited my friend, +LaDenna Lawrence,  last week and we completed so many great projects!  I couldn't wait to get them posted!  Everything we used for the projects was re-recyclable except for a 'book' that we purchased for less than $2.
(This is a long post but is photo heavy.)

 The booklets are made from scrap cardboard.

I love this card!  We used our Cricuts to cut the images.

LaDenna found 2 of these frames in her garage.  We made cork boards for Christmas gifts.

This little pretty is made from a large tuna can!  Very simple to make and would make great little gifts!

 This letter-well, let's say I will not attempt it again!  lol  We started with a cardboard base and built it with Dixie cups.  Yes, Dixie cups!  Wrapping the circle on the P was a challenge.  I used craft paper, then crepe paper streamers.  And I finished it off with a print scrapbook paper and a LOT of Mod Podge.  I do like how it turned out after I got it decorated; but it was definitely a challenge!

I want to do more of these stars.  It is a couple of pages of scrapbook paper and some tissue paper in the middle to help hold the  shape.  The flowers were cut with the Cricut.

Halloween!  We got our inspiration from a paper crafts magazine.  (I can't remember the name of it)  The tags and cards are simple yet very pretty.

 These Christmas cards are stunning!  The pic doesn't do them justice.  They are made from glitter paper and the cuts are made with the Cricut.  These are very simple but make a big impact.  I can't wait to send these out this year!

This hanging JOY sign and card holder were made entirely of paper and a little lace and bling.  It's is surprising what you can do with paper!!

This one still needs a little work.  We got paper mache books on sale at Hobby Lobby for half price (less than $2).  They are papered and have a tray that pulls up for extra storage.  I'm going to put a pocket on it, add a pen and use it for my Christmas lists!

To see LaDenna's take on these projects, you can visit her at:
LADENNA  She did an awesome job!!

Thank you SO much for taking the time to visit and view my crafts.  This is what keep me going-well, and my grandkids!  These three came to visit this week:
 Baby Emma and Mom, Mallory.

Baby Emma and Carson.

Have a wonderful Friday and happy crafting!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

WoW-DAY 23!

Still working on my Blog A Day challenge!  Missed a couple while on vacation last week but am back in the swing of things!

Day 23 photo prompt:
"D is for ........"

My Dog Lucy!   She's a Chiweenie and weighs about 11 lbs.  She thinks she has to lay in my lap or right beside me 24/7; but this is how she was raised.  She's almost 5 years old.  : )

I can't wait to reveal all the projects I made while visiting my friend, +LaDenna Lawrence !  Hopefully, that post will go up Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

Until then, thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 22, 2013


Why do you get here so fast?
My vacation is officially over.  I go back to work tomorrow.  I don't mind it so much-I love my job!  I care for a 91 yr-old lady.  I have been with her for about 4 years now-she feels like family.  : )

I would love to post all the projects I made while crafting with my friend, +LaDenna Lawrence.  But we will both do the challenge reveal on Wednesday and I will blog it Thursday.  We made so many CUTE things-Halloween cards, Christmas cards/decor and several Christmas gifts.  I can't wait to go back next month for her daughter's graduation and more crafting!

I am still working on my Blog A Day & Photo A Day Challenges. I've done pretty good with a few misses while on vacation.  All in all I am okay with that.
Today's photo prompt was "I Drew This!".  I was at a loss so this is what I came up with.  Don't laugh!  lol

If nothing else, it's original!  lol

Also, I had a visit from some special people today!  Some of my faves!

 Three month old Baby Emma-great granddaughter.  She loved her new little musical toy!

 Tuckered out-fell asleep sitting up!

 My beautiful granddaughter Mallory! 

 Carson had his third birthday last week.  We took him shopping and he picked out this mask as one of his gifts. 

LOVE this pic!  Carson and Baby Emma.  They are SO precious!

Thank you for visiting me and seeing a little of my family.  They are the things that I'm most proud of and that keep me going.

Have a great week!