Friday, October 4, 2013


It's Friday and time for my 5 favorite things from this past week.  These include a fave pic and Pin and COFFEE LOVE!  : )

1.  I am loving this fall weather!  It's so nice to go outside and feel fall in the air.  (Also nice not to sweat every time you walk out lol)

Please check out the page where I found this poem.  Awesome!

2. I love my Cricut this week. ( every week/day actually!)
I cut my granddaughter oodles of Halloween figures to color.  She's quite the little artist!

3. My challenge with +LaDenna Lawrence  turned out quite well. The challenge was to alter any flatware. I chose spoons. It took me forever to complete the two; but I love them! These are both holiday themed; but I am working on one for my dining room that I will frame.

4.  My fave pic for the week:

This is Kari (my youngest daughter) and me at a women's health forum featuring Jamie Lee Curtis.  She is a fabulous speaker.  If you ever get a chance to hear/see her-DO IT!  

5.  My fave Pin this week:
Very hard to pick just one-so many fabulous things being made!

I love the sweater cards that are being made.  I am doing a challenge this week where we have to make 5 greeting cards.  Guess what?!!
And of course, my COFFEE LOVE!

That's it for this week-so much more I could post!  But that's another several weeks!  

Hoping everyone has a great weekend and thanks for visiting/following me!