Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This week's challenge with +LaDenna Lawrence seemed a really simple one. WoW! I went and made it so hard that I had not ONE epic fail-I had FOUR!!! lol

The challenge was to use a glass container, glue and jello. I already had the idea in my head; I just didn't know how it was done. Before I started on my project, LaDenna informed me not to use Jello because it didn't dissolve. She was using food coloring. Okay! I can do this I thought! But I didn't have food coloring! lol So! Do your own thing Pam! I decided to use Mod Podge and regular acrylic paint. It was gorgeous-until it dried.

The purple one is not dry yet. (Please ignore my messy desk!)

Today, after work, I went to not one but THREE stores-no food coloring to be found. Grrrrr. I came home and tried the glue and alcohol ink. UGH! I give up! You win this one LaDenna! lolol

I painted the one on the right inside. It's drying but really has no color. (supposed to be blue-green) The other one I painted the outside. Again, no color and I TOUCHED it and left finger prints!    ^$*(#&#^&%&*(&*^$()@

The first one I did, I added white acrylic paint to the glue and put it over the other color. It's drying, so we shall see how it comes out. But I am not hopeful!

There are very few things that I just cannot do or figure out and this is one of them! Tried, didn't like it, WON'T DO IT AGAIN! hahahaha

Anyone else ever have an epic fail-that you would like to confess to?!  Please do-I feel so alone!  hehe

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