Saturday, March 2, 2013


Good morning!  I spend yesterday with my great grandson, Carson. He's such a little sweetheart.  I always have the best time with him-he keeps me laughing!
 Is he cute or what?!!

I've decided to post some previous challenges that I've done with my friend-LaDenna of Crafty Diva.  It will show you a little more of what we do.   I tried and tried to put a slideshow in here +Allan Nelson ; but haven't figured it out yet!

Some items used in these challenges were old vinyl records, old candy boxes, tin cans, old cake pans, and corks.  I have to say the MOST challenging of all these was the tin man!  LaDenna  and I did this one as a side by side challenge when I went to visit last month. I will be going again next weekend-no telling what we will come up with!  :) So keep coming back!


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