Monday, August 12, 2013


Morning!  Monday already-WoW.  Where does the time go? 
I had a good weekend with family.  Had great success with my first
SHAMELESS PLUG SATURDAY.  Met a lot of new artisans and viewed a lot of beautiful things!  I'm hoping to do another one in October/November with a Christmas theme.  Thanks again to all those who participated!

Today, I wanted to share a few of my latest listings.  I just recently learned to do these-they were a swap in one of my groups.  Now I'm hooked!

This is the first one I made for the swap.  It goes to a lady that loves coffee as much as I do!  lol

This is the front.  I used vintage 1x2" wooden dominoes. I decoupaged the paper on the front and back.

 This is the back.

This is the side view.  It's tied on both sides with ribbon.

 It's an accordion-style mini album-very mini! lol
This is the 'front'.  I stamped and embossed the coffee cups and then put print outs that I purchased in between them.

This is the 'back'.  This is scrapbooking paper that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. ( My favorite store in the world!) I embossed gold coffee beans on it.

These minis will hold what I call 'thumb-print' photos.  I think on a printer they are actually called contact photos.  They are approximately 1x 3/4".  
This is the second one I made.  I'm learning what to and not to do on them!!

Front view
Back view

Side view

I love this sewing theme!
The next one is Halloween themed.  It turned out really cute!


Last, but not least, is the one I received in the swap.  Thank you Emma, for getting me started making these!  : )

 I love all the bling!!

Thanks for coming by and looking at my newest creations!  I will be posting Christmas themed domino minis soon!

These may be purchased in my shop:


  1. These are the cutest little things - thanks for sharing!

  2. Your new items are adorable. Good luck.

  3. Cute crafts Pam. I purchased some like this for my mom for Mother's Day one year. It was an accordion style photo album. She loves it.


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    2. Thank you! They do make cute little gifts!

  4. What a cute gift idea! I was glad to see this at Love Bakes Good Cakes. I hope you'll come share at my weekly party:

    1. Thank you and I followed your bog and linked up! : )

  5. OMG!!! These are so cute!!! Are the just for show or do they have a purpose. You say albums but they are tiny. I don't care if they have no purpose they are so darn cute that i want one!!! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE finding people who do cool things I've never seen before. This was a great find. :)

    1. Thank you! These will hold what I call thumbprint photos. On a printer set up I believe they are contact photos.
      Thank you for visiting!


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