Sunday, May 12, 2013


 Here's wishing you all a great Mother's Day!
Cherish your Mothers while you can.  My MoM passed away 20 years ago and I still miss and think about her.

Yesterday, I went to cheer my daughter and her team on at the COLOR ME RAD 5K RUN.  This is a nationwide effort to raise money for cystic fibrosis.  Kari had a friend in high school that died from it.
There were 19,000 runners here in Oklahoma City.  I was the official picture-taker for her and had a blast doing it!

The starting line.

This is her team showing off before the run!
My daughter, Kari, is the tall blond in the middle. 

Kari and I.

And the finish line!

They threw chalk bombs on the runners during the run and at the finish line!  A very colorful event! 


 Here they are throwing chalk bombs at the runners who were still white!  lol

A lot of the teams had on some pretty interesting outfits!

So that was my day out this weekend.  It was a lot fun to watch everyone having so much and raising money for such a good cause. 
Kari is running a 5K Memorial day to benefit animal rescue.  Can't wait to go to that one!

Again, Happy Mother's Day to all!  



  1. Looks did a good job...

  2. That is so awesome. Be sure to tell her how proud you are of her. She is an awesome lady!


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