Monday, June 3, 2013


It's Monday and time to look at past crafts. Sometimes it's hard to believe I've actually done as many projects as I have; and so many different kinds of projects.  Some of them I need to do more of, some-not so much! Lol 

Since Father's Day is around the corner I thought I would focus on it.  
These are mini albums I made for my grandkids to give to my sons for Father's Day a couple of years ago.

The first one was for my oldest son, Brian.  He has two children, Noah & Lilly.

The next one was for my youngest son, Adam. His son, Jayden is quite the little character as you can see in his pics!   : )

I really do like how these turned out.  They were the first of that kind I made.  
To see more mini albums I have created, visit

I plan on making more albums and listing them in my shops.  Right now, I am sold out of them on both sites.
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I have recently listed some dish cloths. They make great gifts.  I use them myself and love them!
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Thank you so much for taking time to stop by!  I appreciate the time each of you take to see what I'm up to!

Please continue to pray for Oklahoma tornado victims.  Ways to help: 

You can donate $10 to the Red Cross by texting “Red Cross” to 90999.  Remember every cent counts!

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