Monday, July 22, 2013


Why do you get here so fast?
My vacation is officially over.  I go back to work tomorrow.  I don't mind it so much-I love my job!  I care for a 91 yr-old lady.  I have been with her for about 4 years now-she feels like family.  : )

I would love to post all the projects I made while crafting with my friend, +LaDenna Lawrence.  But we will both do the challenge reveal on Wednesday and I will blog it Thursday.  We made so many CUTE things-Halloween cards, Christmas cards/decor and several Christmas gifts.  I can't wait to go back next month for her daughter's graduation and more crafting!

I am still working on my Blog A Day & Photo A Day Challenges. I've done pretty good with a few misses while on vacation.  All in all I am okay with that.
Today's photo prompt was "I Drew This!".  I was at a loss so this is what I came up with.  Don't laugh!  lol

If nothing else, it's original!  lol

Also, I had a visit from some special people today!  Some of my faves!

 Three month old Baby Emma-great granddaughter.  She loved her new little musical toy!

 Tuckered out-fell asleep sitting up!

 My beautiful granddaughter Mallory! 

 Carson had his third birthday last week.  We took him shopping and he picked out this mask as one of his gifts. 

LOVE this pic!  Carson and Baby Emma.  They are SO precious!

Thank you for visiting me and seeing a little of my family.  They are the things that I'm most proud of and that keep me going.

Have a great week!

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