Monday, July 8, 2013

LOOKING BACK at Fun Creations!

Yes, it IS Monday AGAIN!

Today, I'm looking back at a lot of different items that I have created.   I seldom realize the diversity of my crafts until I look back like this.  
This post is photo heavy but I'm sharing a lot of different things!

 These are mini clip boards that are refillable with Post It Notes.  I made a ton of these a couple of years ago for craft fairs.

 Candy bar wrappers.  I have made these in about every theme you can imagine!

 These were made for Teacher Appreciation.  The made great gifts!

 Photo Clips made for craft fairs.  They were a very popular item.

 I think I sent these to one of my grandson's end of year class party.

 This was a custom order for my friend Cynthia, at HOME CRAFTED JEWELRY.  Pay her a visit and see all the wonderful things she has!

 Dry erase frame. I've made a lot of these in different themes.

 Pop bottle magnets.  I LOVE making these!

 Notepad bound with ribbon.  This was before I got my wonderful Bind It All!

 Magnetic bookmarks.  So fun to make-no limit on the themes/patterns!

 This was made for my friend at Home Crafted Jewelry also.

Tons of deco letters I have made.  These are among my favorite things to make.  I like to incorporate the person's personality when doing them.

That wraps it up for this Monday.  I hope you enjoy looking back with me.  I'm always finding projects that I have forgotten about!
I think next Monday I'm going to look back on all the greeting cards I have make.  I love making cards!

Thanks, as always, for visiting me! 

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