Saturday, July 6, 2013


Happy happy weekend!
 Are you one who lives for the weekend?

When I worked full time, I did.  I work outside the home now, but only three days a week-Tuesday through Thursday.  So, I have a four-day weekend every week!  Lol

I've been working on my monthly card challenge with +LaDenna Lawrence the last couple of days.  We are doing Christmas in July. Therefore, each of us is making five Christmas cards. We will be posting the reveal today at
I will be going to visit her for my yearly summer vacation next week.  I can't wait.  A whole week of visiting, shopping,  crafting,  eating and laughing! !

The Day 6 prompt for the Photo A Day challenge is " Fave Smell". This is mine-hands down:
Anyone that knows me knows I  love my coffee!
(And I know you don't see my messy craft desk!)

Hoping you all have a great weekend!
Get crafty!

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